Working with Partners

Working with partners to reduce human trafficking

We believe everyone deserves to live in freedom with dignity and respect and we are committed to a slavery free Scotland.

We are committed to working in partnership with statutory services, NGO’s, corporates and others to ensure maximum effectiveness in the eradication of human trafficking.  Wherever possible we encourage, enable and empower others who share our vision.

You find out more about our collaborative work below and on our project pages.

Scottish Government’s Human Trafficking –
Implementation Group – Action Area One

The Scottish Government’s Human Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy 2017 sets out three Action Areas with Implementation Groups taking responsibility for driving forward actions and meeting the outcomes set out in the Strategy.  The SOHTIS Development Manager has been co-opted onto the  Action Area One Implementation Group which has a responsibility for Identifying Victims and Supporting them to Safety and Recovery.  By contributing to this group we hope we will be able to influence policy and practice ensuring long term empowering solutions which are victim focused.


Supporting Partners

Wherever possible we encourage, enable and empower partners, who share similar aims, to meet their objectives.  We have recently supported:

IJM’s 2019 Fundraising Dinner in Scotland – ‘A Celebration of Courage’.
An evening celebrating those who have been rescued from slavery, those who work hard to facilitate these rescues and providing a focus on the millions still waiting for justice. IJM not only strives to rescue individuals, but to see these individuals flourish and become truly empowered to be and do whatever brings them the most joy and life. We want to celebrate the courage of all those involved in our mission and those who have survived incredible injustice and are now living full lives in freedom.
For more information about IJM:

Action of Churches Together in Scotland
The SOHTIS Development Manager is co-opted onto the Action of Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS) Scottish Churches Anti-Human Trafficking Group (SCAHTG).  Together we are working to raise awareness of human trafficking and how society can defeat it.