The Gift that keeps Giving

Are they baubles, gift tags or gifts?! YOU get to decide.

Back by popular demand after last year these are now ready and waiting for their new homes. The good news is these wee beauties might have been made with Christmas in mind but they will out last the season and be fab decorations around the house or as future gifts.

Each one is hand painted, glazed and fired for that extra special touch ♥️ And of course they are the gift that keeps on giving with 10% going towards SOHTIS once again.

They will arrive boxed up in their own individual bags and if that isn’t enough each one has their own gift tag tucked inside just in case you want to give it away to someone else. They can easily be written on to make an extra special gift and the ribbon is wrapped in words that speak the very heart of what both SOHTIS and stands for. This time round you can buy individually, in pairs or a set of four.

To order yours check them out here: Linda Hoskins Christmas Gifts