Teaching Resources

Education is the key to ending slavery!  With increased knowledge comes the power to bring about change and as a secondary school teacher you can be instrumental in bringing that change.

By effectively teaching about human trafficking you can build resilience amongst your students, protecting them from the risks they may face, encourage them to be active in rejecting slavery through their lifestyle choices and empowering them to be activists amongst their peers and beyond.

In partnership with WOSDEC and Restore Glasgow, we are developing support for teachers and classroom activites to increase understanding and motivate action

Our first FREE three-part course for secondary teachers took place in early in 2020 and included an opportunity for participants to:

  • deepen understanding of trafficking, both as a global issue and as an issue in Scotland.
  • explore active ways to engage pupils in learning about these complex and sensitive issues, making the curricular connections to slavery from the past to the present.
  • raise awareness of what we can do to recognise the signs of trafficking and modern slavery, and take action to help in our communities.

We look forward to providing further opportunities to support cross curricular resources and teaching.  Get in touch to find out more: enquiries@sohtis.org.