Report Suspicions

When you spot the signs of human trafficking or if you have suspicions or concerns, use the Apps above to report or call the Modern Slavery Helpline.  You can give the information anonymously and they will provide you with any further advice you require.  These are dangerous crimes that require specialist expertise, you should not attempt to get involved yourself.  If it is an emergency and you someone’s life is at risk call Police Scotland on 999.

modern slavery helpline

in an emergency, call the Police on 999

Human trafficking is a horrendous crime and many people in Scotland are suffering, we often say they are ‘hidden in plain sight’, serving us in our shops, providing us with goods and services and just living amongst us.  By being better informed, taking notice and crucially responding by reporting what we see, we can all be part of the solution and end the suffering and even save lives.
Here are some of the signs that may indicate a person is a victim of human trafficking:

  • act as though being instructed or controlled by another
  • receive little or no money for their work
  • show signs of being abused through lack of food, water, shelter or medical care
  • not be in possession of their own legal documents such as their passport or identification
  • have little or no contact with their family or minimal communication out-with their immediate environment
  • receive threats against them and their family
  • move location frequently
  • be afraid of authorities
  • be transported by others
  • live in groups
  • live in premises that are not well maintained
  • are not certain of their address
  • someone else speaks on their behalf or they try to avoid conversation
  • don’t wear appropriate clothing for the work they do or for the time of year
  • people visit premises regularly and at unusual times
  • occupancy of a property changes frequently
  • don’t seem free to come and go as they please

Any information that you are able to report can be useful in the recovery of vicitms and bringing perpetrators to justice. Please download the Apps and report or call the Helpline.