Project Shine

Project Shine combines community and one to one support for women who are victims or survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. We believe in a future for women which restores dignity, is hope filled and where they can achieve their full potential.

Human trafficking and exploitation has a profound and enduring effect on individuals, families and communities. It robs women of their identify and dignity from the earliest recruitment through to recovery and re-integration. Living through exploitation makes it almost impossible to envisage a new and bright future making the risk of being re-trafficked significant.

Levels of PTSD among female victims of human trafficking are higher than those experiencing intimate partner violence and those fleeing from war or mass violence.’

We are committed to journeying with women through their past experience until they have secured the future that is right for them. As they strengthen their mental and physical health, reduce isolation through friendship and community involvement and improve their ability to be independent that bright future can become a reality.

Project Shine provides flexible tailored support for women, however, we also have some core areas of support including:

  • a weekly community hub providing advocacy, friendship and a whole lot of fun
  • wellbeing programmes
  • independent living support
  • antenatal/postnatal support including birthing partners and practical support
  • relocation transition service providing support when moving to a new area and integrating

‘We need to be empowered emotionally, mentally, practically and financially to make our own decisions’. Survivor**

Women can self refer or be referred by another agency. For more information or to make a referral, please contact us at

If you have suspicions regarding anyone who may be affected by human trafficking or modern slavery take a few minutes to report what you know to the Modern Slavery Helpline 08000 121 700. You can do this anonymously.
In an emergency always call 999.

*Hossain M., Zimmerman C., Abas M., Light M., Watts C.
**Survivor comments: Scottish Government Human Trafficking & Exploitation Strategy Consultation
Funded by the Volant Charitable Trust administered by Foundation Scotland