Project Light

Exposing Exploitation, Igniting Hope

Poverty, homelessness, poor mental health, isolation, addiction these are some of the things that make people more at risk of being trafficked and describe what people may be suffering when they are being exploited or after a trafficking experience.  Exploitation robs people of their dignity, their health, their identity and subjects them to some of the most
degrading, violent and fearful conditions.

We know that there are many more people in our villages, towns and cities that are and have been exploited, they are hidden in plain sight.  Our Project Light aims to reach the most vulnerable in Edinburgh who are being or have been trafficked and exploited.  We will work with some of the most wonderful third sector partners in the city to:

  • strengthen awareness of human trafficking and the national referral mechanism
  • identify potential victims of human trafficking
  • ensure victims get the support they need in order to begin rebuilding their lives

Our experienced team will work with frontline staff, building knowledge and confidence in spotting the signs of trafficking and increasing capacity in order that potential victims have the time, space and information they need to make a decision about their next steps.

We believe in that everyone deserves to live in freedom with dignity and respect.  Project Light aims to uncover the hidden slavery in the city and ignite hope for a better future!

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