Project Freedom

We don’t leave freedom to chance

With a third of the potential victims of human trafficking recovered in Scotland in 2020 being children, it’s never been more important to educate everyone who works with young people.

Project Freedom provides tailored training which support youth practitioners to spot the signs of trafficking and make early identifications. We provide practical tools/resources, including lesson plans which help young people to engage around this subject, building resilience to exploitation and empowering them to take action within their own communities.  Our resources align with the Curriculum for Excellence and we support creative cross curricular activities in schools as well as  community based activities.

Quotes from pupils we worked with in English classes:

We need to stop traffickers by providing more care for people in poverty and sorting out problems at the very beginning so the people can’t be trafficked.’

It (human trafficking) is not made out to be a big deal but is important. We are dealing with people’s lives and everyone has a right be happy and have freedom.

Basically human trafficking is an upgrade version of slavery which existed from ancient times to the present day. Human trafficking is wrong! No human is disposable.

quotes from discursive & persuasive writing by S3 pupils, national 3 curriculum for excellence level 2/3

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If you have suspicions regarding anyone who may be affected by human trafficking or modern slavery take a few minutes to report what you know to
the Modern Slavery Helpline 08000 121 700. You can do this anonymously.
In an emergency always call 999.