The Tumbling Lassie

The Tumbling Lassie

SOHTIS is delighted to announce they have been chosen as the Scottish nominated charity of Tumbling Lassie for 2019.  Tumbling Lassie was founded after Alan McLean, QC, Chair of the Committee, found reference to a court case from 1687 with a girl, called “the tumbling lassie”, as a central character.  She had been “bought” from her mother and forced by a travelling showman to work as a performing gymnast until, physically worn out, she fled and was given refuge by a couple.

The showman went to court and demanded damages from the couple, but the judges in the Court of Session dismissed his claim, and the official report of the case, Reid v Scot of Harden and his Lady, stated: “But we have no slaves in Scotland, and mothers cannot sell their bairns.”

Tumbling Lassie, comprising six members of the Faculty of Advocates, has in its previous three years of raising awareness of modern slavery and people trafficking, raised around £60,000 to help victims.  Alongside SOHTIS they will continue to support global charity, International Justice Mission (IJM).

For more information on The Tumbling Lassie, visit their website.

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