How can you help?

How to identify victims of human trafficking

There are several different ways to identify victims of human trafficking including if a person;

  • acts as if being instructed or controlled by another
  • receives little or no money for their work, or have money deducted from their salary
  • shows signs of being abused through lack of food, water, shelter or medical care
  • is not in possession of their own legal documents such as their passport or identification
  • has little or no contact with their family or minimal communication out-with their immediate environment
  • has had threats against them and their family if they were to try and leave

Please ensure that if you believe you have identified an individual who may have been trafficked that you do not get involved yourself, this can be dangerous for yourself and the person you believe to be in trouble. The most helpful thing you can do is call an emergency number below and the authorities will handle the situation.

How to report potential victims

If you believe the individual is in immediate danger or that it is an emergency situation, contact the police by dialling 999.

For non-emergencies

Crime-stoppers- 0800 555 111

Police helpline- 111

If you have seen a situation that you would like advice on, please contact the Modern Slavery Helpline- 08000 121 700

For contact numbers of other human trafficking bodies or charities, please click here.

How to help the survivors of human trafficking

SOHTIS is working alongside other human trafficking and modern slavery charities to aid individuals who have been rescued. By providing shelter, security and support, these people can be helped to integrate into society.

By donating to SOHTIS, you will be helping the survivors of human trafficking by……