About Us

Our Vision

A Scotland free from human trafficking and exploitation where everyone lives in freedom with dignity and respect.


Our Mission

We deliver our mission along three Lines of Operation:

    • to prevent, identify and recover victims of human trafficking
    • to encourage, enable and empower survivors as they rebuild their lives
    • to advocate for the systemic changes needed to end the exploitation of trafficked people

Our Values

We are a flexible and dynamic organisation that is responsive to individual and societal needs, however, some things never change!  These are our core values:

  • Compassion – is our watchword.  We are led by empathy to go the extra mile
  • Justice – we are tenacious and trailblazing in our pursuit of justice
  • Dignity – whoever you are, however you engage with us we believe everyone has equal worth and we honour them
  • Respect – we admire each person’s qualities and achievements whatever their journey has been.  We believe in a strengths based approach to empowerment