About Us

Our Vision

A Scotland in which human trafficking has been eliminated and where the survivors of trafficking are recognised and looked after by a caring society.


Our Mission

To ensure the recovery and long term wellbeing of survivors of human trafficking in Scotland, supporting them to rebuild their lives, minimising the risk of re-trafficking, empowering their integration into society and celebrating their contribution to Scotland’s future.

We deliver our mission along four Lines of Operation which
ensure our efforts are focused most effectively:

    • Supporting Survivors
    • Raising Awareness
    • Working with Partners to Reduce Human Trafficking
    • Delivering on our Key Values: Freedom, Dignity and Respect for All


Our Values

We believe that everyone deserves to live in freedom with dignity and respect

  • Inclusive – recognising that diversity is strength and seeking to involve staff, volunteers and service users from all nationalities, genders, faiths and other minority groups in our activities and decision making
  • Quality – striving for excellence and prioritising excellence in victim care and the empowerment of trafficked survivors, treating them with dignity and respect and avoiding dependency
  • Responsive – ensure that we remain flexible and able to respond to emerging needs
  • Committing to working with integrity at all times
  • Connected – working collaboratively, developing positive partnerships across statutory, corporate and third sectors
  • Accessible – providing fair and open access, opportunities and support for service users, and volunteers
  • Forward Looking – recognising the need for continual improvement and committing to innovative and creative approaches
  • Impact Focused – believing that success is measured by outcome and seeking to deliver results that benefit both individual service users and the wider society
  • Accountable – to our sponsors and services users