2022/3 Student Placements

We are delighted to have these fantastic students collaborating with our team in 2022/3:

Charis, 4th year Medical Student, University of Dundee

I’m Charis and I am a 4th-year Medical Student at the University of Dundee. This year I am taking some time out of medicine to complete an intercalated degree in International Health. For my degree project, I am conducting a research study in collaboration with SOHTIS regarding the perceptions of human trafficking within the paediatric medical community.

I am really excited to undertake this research as I believe it is crucial to do everything possible to provide vulnerable groups, such as victims of trafficking, with the best quality care that is achievable.  I hope to do this by first gaining an understanding of the current situation of human trafficking and its management in healthcare, then using that knowledge to develop improved methods of equipping healthcare professionals for managing this demographic. Once this study is complete, I hope to disseminate the results throughout various healthcare settings with the goal of improving victims of trafficking’s experience of healthcare within Scotland.

Mairi, Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

I am a 4th-year Communication Design student at Gray’s School of Art.  It is an honor to be collaborating with SOHTIS this year and making my   last project at University a really meaningful one. My specialisms are branding, campaigning and digital design but I also dabble in photography and illustration. When I graduate I am keen to use my graphic design skills to work in areas that benefit social or environmental issues and hopefully positively impact the world around us. I am really passionate about being part of inspirational organizations such as SOHTIS. I am looking forward to deepening my knowledge of the human trafficking crisis in Scotland and seeing where this opportunity will lead me!

Stephanie, final year Medical Student, University of Dundee

For my final year elective of medical school, I was excited to be given the opportunity to work with SOHTIS.  I set 5 key aims:

  • develop an understanding of how third sector organisations work and help to deliver inclusive healthcare
  • explore opportunities to raise awareness of human trafficking at Dundee Medical School.
  • engage in discussions with healthcare professionals (predominantly GP’s) to ascertain what the current protocols are to identify and support victims or survivors of human trafficking
  • enhance my knowledge on non-clinical determinants of health (specifically poverty and deprivation)
  • explore the importance of inclusive healthcare within the UK and identify different parts of society who experience barriers to accessing healthcare.

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