Lockdown = Freedom

Your LOCKDOWN can bring FREEDOM. Here is how!

It’s Scotland.  It’s Spring.  It’s cold. It’s windy. It’s raining.   

You want to sit on the sofa, eat stodge and keep cosy but you also want to ‘do your bit’. 

Well now you can! 

The Virtual Kiltwalk has announced that YOU CAN “DECIDE ON on YOUR CHALLENGE and as long as you are RAISING FUNDS .… ANYTHING GOES”! 

So here are 10 great ideas of how you can take part in the Virtual Kiltwalk while supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking in Scotland. 

  1. Learn a new skill.  You could teach yourself some magic tricks or learn to play the ukulele. 
  2. Get arty.  Why not paint by numbers, make pom poms or do some origami. 
  3. Build the ultimate Lego creation. 
  4. Put on a virtual concert. 
  5. Hold a kitchen disco.  
  6. Bake, cook, make! 
  7. Plan the ultimate gaming challenge online. 
  8. Organise an indoor or outdoor Scavenger Hunt. 
  9. Shave – your head or someone else’s legs (with their permission!) 
  10. And for our sporty supporter why not get fit with the master of physical ed. Joe Wicks 

Please Sign up now and raise whatever you can (little or large) and help us #fundfreedom  and end slavery in Scotland.  When you sign up one of our amazing sponsors will kickstart your fundraising with a donation of £200.
Together we can save lives, while staying at home. 

Human trafficking has been identified in every local authority in Scotland.  It is hidden in plain sight.  We are committed to identifying, rescuing and supporting survivors of human trafficking in Scotland to rebuild their lives.  

Every penny raised* will be topped up by an amazing 50% thanks to Sir Tom Hunter!  It is a win, win! 

*All funds to be in by midnight on the 3rd May to receive the 50% top up. There is a top up limit of £5,000 per participant.

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