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21st Century Trailblazers

In 1865, Major General Gordon Granger landed in Texas announcing the end of the civil war and the final group of African Americans free.  The day came more than two years after the emancipation proclamation.

157 years on, despite the tireless and courageous work of abolitionists and the ownership of people being illegal in each country in the world, every day men, women and children are bought and sold.  The exponential rise of modern slavery, commonly referred to as the greatest human rights issue of our time, sees today, the 19th June 2020, an estimated 45 million people held in slavery across the globe, more than across the three centuries of the transatlantic slave trade.  The UK is no exception with forced labour, sexual and criminal exploitation now being common place in our cities, towns and villages.

If there is one abuse that offends our conscience in every way, it is the enslavement of a human being… No child should be born without hope; no person should live without freedom’.

Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Let our reparations, whatever our position, age or standing be that of 21st century trailblazers.  In active, self-sacrificial and revolutionary commitment to the eradication of slavery here in the UK and across the globe we stand alongside some of the greatest; Harriet Tubman of the 19th century, risking her life in the recovery of over 300 slaves and Ruby Bridges of the 20th century who at six years old desegregated her elementary school.
Now is the time for us to understand our past and ensure freedom, dignity and respect for all.

Call to Action

There are ways that we can all be involved in being part of the solution to modern slavery and human trafficking in Scotland. Some as simple as raising awareness by following SOHTIS on social media and sharing our posts or volunteering skills, linking us with useful networking contacts and fundraising or donating funds.

Please get in touch to find out how you can join us in our support of survivors.


If you have suspicions, or concerns about anyone in your neighbourhood or your contact the MODERN SLAVERY HELPLINE on 0800 012 1700, if there is immediate danger contact POLICE SCOTLAND on 999

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