Financial Planners Walk for Victims

Fourteen of Edinburgh’s wonderful Sutherland Independent staff team have participated in the national 2.6 challenge, raising funds for the vicitms of trafficking. This leading team of financial advisors, who have a track record in raising funds for charity, have used ten days of their lockdown exercise time to walk or run 2.6 miles and raise £1000.

Sutherland Independent – 2.6 Challenge for SOHTIS

The funds raised will assist us to recover more people in Edinburgh who have been exploited, through our Project Light. It is anticipated that COVID-19 is likely to increase trafficking and exploitation across Scotland and this funding will allow our team to be prepared to respond to the emerging needs. Trafficked people are all around us, hidden in plain sight and often enduring the most unimaginable conditions. We thank Sutherland Independent for joining us in bringing freedom.

Call to Action

There are ways that we can all be involved in being part of the solution to human trafficking in Scotland. Some as simple as raising awareness by following SOHTIS on social media and sharing our posts or volunteering skills, linking us with useful networking contacts and fundraising or donating funds.

Please get in touch to find out how you can join us in our support of survivors.


If you have suspicions, or concerns about anyone in your neighbourhood or your contact the MODERN SLAVERY HELPLINE on 0800 012 1700, if there is immediate danger contact POLICE SCOTLAND on 999

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