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Pope Francis Blesses Anti-Trafficking Initiative

His Holiness Pope Francis has sent a personal message of support and blessing to the Slavery: A Faith Based Response, Inter-Faith Seminar hosted by SOHTIS on Monday 29 April 2019 by charity.  With increasing numbers of victims of trafficking being identified in Scotland, the Seminar which was held at Dundas Castle, South Queensferry, Scotland, created an opportunity for senior faith leaders from over ten faith groups and communities to come together to strength their knowledge of human trafficking. 

‘Being mindful of the pressing challenge of modern slavery’, Pope Francis has ‘commended the ecumenical and interreligious dimension of this initiative’ which he prayed ‘may bear much fruit and contribute to a growing commitment to fight against this contemporary scourge.’

Participants also explored how they might collaborate to becoming part of the solution to the eventual eradication of human trafficking in Scotland and the support and care of survivors.

Call to Action
SOHTIS believes everyone deserves to live in freedom with dignity and respect.

There are ways that we can all be involved in being part of the solution to human trafficking in Scotland.  Some as simple as raising awareness by following SOHTIS on social media and sharing our posts or volunteering your skills, linking us with useful networking contacts or donating funds.

Please get in touch to find out how you can join us in our support of survivors.


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